Maheen is a superwoman. I have known her since 2006, as we used to be coworkers, and then we became lifelong friends. I have been lucky to have been abreast of her personal journey that took her to where she is now.
When she had her first child on the autism spectrum, she became a seeker of understanding.
After her second-born child was diagnosed with autism, she became intentional.
She started applying for her masters to some decent universities, but, thanks to that fire inside of her that doesn’t settle for less, she applied to and accomplished a seat as a student at Columbia University! This may sound like a stretch, but very seldom can one say that an Ivy League benefitted more from her being their student than she did from Columbia. That’s not to take away from the prestige of the University, but Maheen had already set the ground running for herself as an unofficial consultant for parents with children with autism. Even experts turned to her for her advice before she became an expert herself.
I highly recommend Maheen and her consultancy for anyone looking to be heard, helped, and understood.

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