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Magical Minds understands that every individual is unique, and they deserve equal opportunities to thrive and succeed. I am dedicated to providing exceptional support to neurodivergent children and their families. This website is dedicated to share my experiences of over 10 years to help families who may be overwhelmed with the newness of a child with special needs.

Whether you are a parent seeking guidance for your child’s development, an educational institution looking to enhance your special education programs, or a caregiver, I would be delighted to provide you with expert and practical advice that can be implemented in “YOUR” daily life. I believe in a holistic approach, combining evidence-based practices, cutting-edge research, and a deep understanding of the unique needs of individuals with special needs.

It is important to remember that every child is unique and has their own strengths and abilities. Watching your child achieve milestones, no matter how small, can be incredibly rewarding. I am here to offer you continuous support and encouragement as you navigate this journey

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Maheen Noorani

About Me

For parents of a neurodiverse child, every day can seem like a battle. Providing constant care and support while also managing your child’s unique needs and behaviors, and advocating for your child’s education can be extremely overwhelming. Being a mother of two boys on the autism spectrum, I was determined to understand my sons better and provide them the best opportunities and experiences. This desire led me to embark on a new career path and acquire a Masters in Early Childhood Education & Special Education from Columbia University, New York. At various points in my journey, I wished I had someone to guide me with the challenges I faced with my children.

I want to provide that guidance and emotional support to parents who might be in similar situations using my knowledge and experience of over a decade. Collaboration with the child’s team is the key to a holistic approach. In addition to parents, I also provide guidance to teachers, family members and caregivers who are an integral part of the child’s life.

I work with each family to assess the unique needs of their family and provide ongoing support with facilitating the child in achieving their full potential. My experience with diverse families and cultures, has helped me understand cultural sensitivities of different families in adapting to their environment. Early intervention plays a vital role in supporting the development and well-being of individuals with special needs. By providing timely and targeted interventions, together we can lay the foundation for a brighter future for your child.


Maheen is an incredible human being. She is kind and goes out of her way to help others making a difference in this world. She is disciplined and goal driven. She stays on track of accomplishing anything she sets her mind on. She has the patience of a saint. Her demeanor is to always stay calm even under the heaviest of pressures. She is truly someone admirable.

Michelle Velasquez
Former client
Functional training coach

Maheen was our son’s preschool classroom SEIT to help him with social emotional bonds and frustration tolerance. With her help, my son had an amazing school year and made huge strides in his areas of development. They bonded immediately – Maheen knew just how to earn his trust and use that to build a foundation for growth. She seamlessly integrated into the classroom to help him navigate and form new relationships. She put in extra time and effort to keep us as parents updated about his progress – she helped ease our minds and hearts and celebrated little victories along side us. We are so grateful to have Maheen in our lives!!

Amanda N

One word for Maheen, “There”
She is quiet, calm, strong and stable. She is always present for her loved ones. She is a constant, she is strong but soft and kind. Maheen has a great sense of humor and is a great listener. I have seen her fight to make her children fiercely independent and always encouraged them. She never gives up even when everyone around her loses hope and surrenders. Her balancing act between professionalism and an astounding home maker, is a wonder that many would like to achieve. She is beautiful, both inside and out. I wish her the very best in whatever life throws her way.

Rumina khan
Corporate Banker

As an older mother who had my baby at 41, my worries about the risks of Autism associated with parental age consumed me throughout my pregnancy. Thankfully, I know Maheen and she has always been my rock. She isn’t just a wonderful friend and sounding board; she is an incredibly patient subject matter expert. Observing Maheen with her own children, witnessing her graceful handling of every challenge, is inspiring. Her unwavering determination and ability to be present for multiple responsibilities simultaneously is truly remarkable. With Maheen by my side, I always feel a sense of comfort and assurance that I’ve got someone who would guide me through any obstacle that life might throw my way.

Sabika Nazim
Parent, friend
Tech exec

I have known Maheen for quite some time now and have seen her focus, determination and dedication grow with each passing year. Her cool and calm demeanour helps her trouble shoot and handle tricky situations in a way that’s worth mentioning!

Sania Jalil
Corporate Trainer

I highly recommend Magical Minds online Consultancy for special needs. As someone who has personally witnessed Maheen’s dedication and passion, I am confident in her ability to provide valuable guidance and resources. With her wealth of knowledge and experience, she is an ideal choice for anyone seeking support in this area. Above all, my friend is a kind and compassionate person who truly cares about making a positive difference in the lives of others.

Maryam Mushtaq

Hi I have had the experience of receiving services for my daughter with Maheen. Maheen was amazing with my daughter Alexi who at the time was on 2 and was recently diagnosed with Autism. Maheen was patient but consistent with reaching goals with my daughter. She was sweet, friendly, and very knowledgeable. If it wasn’t because I wanted my child to experience a school setting with other children I would have definitely kept Maheen as my daughter ABA therapists! She is hands down one of the best therapists I had had the chance to get encounter.

Krystal Soto
Mother to a child who received services from Maheen
Office Coordinator

Maheen is a superwoman. I have known her since 2006, as we used to be coworkers, and then we became lifelong friends. I have been lucky to have been abreast of her personal journey that took her to where she is now.
When she had her first child on the autism spectrum, she became a seeker of understanding.
After her second-born child was diagnosed with autism, she became intentional.
She started applying for her masters to some decent universities, but, thanks to that fire inside of her that doesn’t settle for less, she applied to and accomplished a seat as a student at Columbia University! This may sound like a stretch, but very seldom can one say that an Ivy League benefitted more from her being their student than she did from Columbia. That’s not to take away from the prestige of the University, but Maheen had already set the ground running for herself as an unofficial consultant for parents with children with autism. Even experts turned to her for her advice before she became an expert herself.
I highly recommend Maheen and her consultancy for anyone looking to be heard, helped, and understood.

Adil Sayeed
Ex-coworker and Friend

Maheen is kind, calm, and knowledgeable. She has a wonderful demeanor with parents and children alike and is a very skilled practitioner. She had an intuitive understanding of our child and explained her observations to us clearly and constructively. She was highly recommended to our family and it was clear why.

Andrew J

I have known Maheen since Highschool. She is the most honest and straightforward person I have met. She doesn’t sugarcoat the advice she gives. My son is on the autism spectrum and she has always guided me with my concerns and questions. I moved to the United States from Canada after speaking to her about the help and services I can get for my son. I highly recommend her!!!

Shemin Poonja

Maheen worked one-on-one as a SEIT with a student in my classroom. She is intuitive and knows how to work with children’s strengths, interests, and needs. She went above and beyond in communicating with all parties and keeping the school, family, and providers on the same page. I always found Maheen to be a good collaborator and positive presence in the classroom. I hope to have the opportunity to work with her again!

Classroom Teacher, worked with Maheen as a SEIT in my classroom
Classroom Teacher

Maheen is a wonderful support to parents and children. She is always thinking of creative ways to help children who may struggle in school or with friendships- she never gives up and is fully dedicated to those in her care. She is never overwhelmed or surprised- she sees it as her job to make things work for a child. She is also committed to helping parents and other school personnel understand children and the various systems at play. She is a joy to work with!

Suzanne Rein

Throughout my career as a teacher, I have worked with several specialists in the classroom. Maheen exceeded our expectations during the school year 2022-2023.
Personally, I stand by the fact that Maheen is a phenomenal professional in the field for numerous reasons. She is supportive not only to her students, but to the families and teachers. I truly appreciated her guidance and constant communication. She is passionate, creative and dedicated.
I enjoyed seeing how much growth the student made in all areas, how much care and joy was visible in the relationship Maheen fostered for the student and the environment.
All in all, if you are looking for a person to work along side with you. Maheen has a variety of skills needed for your child to be successful.
It was a pleasure working with her and I thank you for your optimism, honesty and willingness to go the extra mile for our students and families.

Marcela O'Reilly
Classroom Teacher
Gen Ed Teacher

Maheen has been working with us for two years. Initially she helped our child regulate his emotions and provided us with tools to meet him at his level and not where we expected him to be. Her sessions have segued into teaching him to manage social situations, plan and execute a task, and verbally express his feelings with confidence. His communication and social skills have grown exponentially under her care. Maheen has given us the tools to be better parents to our child. In addition, she helped guide us through the process of engaging the D. O. E. for their services. Maheen has provided us with invaluable information to raise our child with the compassion and respect he deserves. We strongly recommend her services to any parent raising a child with special needs.

Jack Noseworthy
Major Gifts Officer

MJ has a targeted approach that comes from extensive knowledge about neurodiversity. She has a calm and warm demeanor that directly influences her success with children and their families. When helping a child achieve their individualized goals, she takes her cues from them and responds to their needs on an ongoing basis. She is flexible in her approach and can often be seen trying various strategies. MJ is also skilled at helping parents better understand how they can support their child at home, as well as the resources available to them. She has experience navigating the school system and is an invaluable asset to teachers and families.

Janise Cota
Classroom Teacher
Head teacher


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