About Me

Maheen Noorani

Special education consultant

For parents of a special needs child, every day can seem like a battle. Providing constant care and support while also managing your child’s unique needs and behaviors, and advocating for your child’s education can be extremely overwhelming. Being a mother of two boys on the autism spectrum, I was determined to understand my sons better and provide them the best opportunities and experiences. This desire led me to embark on a new career path and acquire a Masters in Early Childhood Education & Special Education from Columbia University, New York. At various points in my journey, I wished I had someone to guide me with the challenges I faced with my children.

I want to provide that guidance and emotional support to parents who might be in similar situations using my knowledge and experience of over a decade. Collaboration with the child’s team is the key to a holistic approach. In addition to parents, I also provide guidance to teachers, family members and caregivers who are an integral part of the child’s life.

I work with each family to assess the unique needs of their family and provide ongoing support with facilitating the child in achieving their full potential. My experience with diverse families including Asian, African American, South Asian, Hasidic, Hispanic, Caucasian, and from various other areas of the world, has helped me understand cultural sensitivities of different families in adapting to their environment. Early intervention plays a vital role in supporting the development and well-being of individuals with special needs. By providing timely and targeted interventions, together we can lay the foundation for a brighter future for your child.

About Me