Maheen Noorani

Raising a child is an extraordinary journey, filled with moments of joy, challenges, and personal growth. When a child has special needs, this journey takes on unique characters. As parents, our role becomes even more crucial as we navigate the complexities and uncertainties that come with nurturing and empowering our special needs child.

One of the first steps in providing effective support is gaining a deep understanding of your child’s unique needs. Special needs can manifest in various forms such as physical disabilities, cognitive impairments or developmental delays and disorders. By actively seeking knowledge and support for your child’s condition and consulting with experts, you equip yourself with the tools to provide the best possible care.

Parents are natural advocates for their children, and this becomes even more important when raising a child with special needs. By embracing their unique abilities, recognising their strengths, celebrating their small achievements and providing a loving presence, you instill a sense of confidence that will foster their emotional growth.

Researching and deciding on what options you may have available be it life at home, functioning in a community or different educational settings and support can be an overwhelming task. This is a journey that requires unwavering dedication, compassion and resilience, and I am here to offer my support in helping you achieve your goals and be a part of your journey.

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